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Question Cards


Tired of thinking up the best questions to ask your students to deepen their learning? 

Hello, Question Cards does just that! Whether you are a teacher, professor, home-school parent or just looking for a great gift for your favorite educator, Hello, Question Cards are one of our best selling learning products.

Our deck of question cards consists of 40 critical thinking questions that work with any subject and all grade levels (including college).  Each 2 x 2 inch card is color-coded to facilitate easy partnering and small group work. 

Special bonus: Hello, Question Cards pairs nicely with our Hello, Teaching Strategies book (separate purchase). That means you can combine an instructional strategy from our book with this deck of questions cards to make deepened learning easy-peasy.  

Watch the Question Card video here to learn more about how to use the question cards with your students.

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Coaching Cards

Coaching cards by Hello Strategies

Start your day with intention and 

Hello, Coaching Cards.  

Each deck of Hello, Coaching Cards consists of 40, 2 x 2 inch cards with one powerful coaching question per card to jumpstart the day.  While you are brushing your teeth or savoring your morning tea or coffee, choose a card and reflect on the question and your answer. If you have time, choose a second card to deepen your intention and actions for the day.

Coaches, this item makes a meaningful gift for new and returning clients.  Plus, meld in Hello, Coaching Questions when you want to add variety and/or a prop to your coaching practice.

Unlike our other decks of cards with vibrant palettes, this deck of Hello, Coaching Cards features a spa-like feel which is oh, so soothing.

Watch the Coaching Card video here 

to learn more.

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Leadership Cards

Leadership cards by Hello Strategies

Hello, Leadership Cards consists of 40 leadership-focused, critical thinking questions designed to engage developing leaders (ages 11 and older). 

This decks focuses on ten must-have leadership attributes for this century:

  • Resiliency
  • Advocacy
  • Mindfulness
  • Curiosity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Vision
  • Courage
  • Authenticity
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion

Each 2 x 2 inch card is color-coded to facilitate partnering and small group work.  The colors each represent a different leadership attribute, which makes focusing on a specific attribute with the cards easy. 

This product was created in collaboration with Sue from The Curiosity Project and Jay from Mountain Element.

Watch the video here to learn how we like to use Hello, Leadership Cards.

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