Wooden You are Awesome Nickels

You need these. Seriously, you do.

Inspired by wooden nickels given out at the 2015 AEE Conference in Portland, OR, here's your chance to turn up awesome by letting others know how awesome they are. 

There are 25 wooden You are Awesome nickels that come in a bundle. On one side is the Hello, Strategies signature bubble and URL. On the other side is YOU ARE AWESOME.  

Give a nickel to a colleague, a stranger, a loved one, or student; anyone who you think deserves to know how totally awesome they are. In light of all the craziness in the world, this is our opportunity to spread love, kindness, + to turn up awesome. 

Just for fun, we are tracking the nickels to see how awesome spreads. Click here to be part of the worldwide, tracking database.

Due to printing on such a small surface, each nickel is unique and can be slightly imperfect.

Watch the You are Awesome nickel video here to learn more.


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